How to Be More Compassionate

How to Be More Compassionate


Each of us wants to live in a better world, with better people and better moods. We complain all the time that people are getting more and more selfish and most of the time, we feel lonely in rooms full of people.

What we might forget to take into account is, nevertheless, the fact that change starts with us. We want to be understood and helped, but how many of us are willing to take the first step in approaching and listening to the others?

Because a better world needs more compassion, we invite you to learn how to be more compassionate – it is never too late to care about the others.

Starting with yourself

In order to learn how to be more compassionate with others, you need to start with yourself. How could you understand the others’ feelings and problems without judging them if you do not accept and understand your own? Healing your wounds, listening to your feelings and ideas and accepting and loving you the way you are – these are the main steps in achieving the compassion that will turn you in a better person.

There are many ways to get to know your feelings better: from meditation and traveling to simply listening to music while thinking about everything you have been through and everything you want to achieve. Find your own way to listen to your heart and go for it: find the power of compassion in you and you will see that you will be able to apply it for the others as well.

Being present

Compassion is not a science and therefore, there are no rules as to how it should be applied. What is amazing about compassion is that it can come in many shapes and the heart-warming feelings are given by simple gestures that we might not even be aware of. One of these is being present. Being there for your friends or for people who need you beside them in important circumstances is the key to showing compassion.

Listening instead of just hearing

How many times have you asked a person how he/she is feeling and simply forgot to listen to their answer? Even if it is a simple question, the answer can tell you a lot about a person’s feelings: you just have to listen and to look them in the eyes.

The seed of compassion is there in each of us, but we have to water it and help it grow by listening to the others because our time and attention are the most precious gifts we can offer to others.

And since everyone likes receiving attention and advice, you will see that offering them is also incredibly satisfying and rewarding.

Being sincere and trustworthy

You’re there for other people, you listen and care about them, but there comes a time when you also have to help them: whether it’s a piece of advice or a solution to a problem, you must know that in order for you to really make a change in the other’s mood and improve his/her situation, you need to look straight into her/his eyes and tell the truth.

Not only will you make him/her see everything clearly, but also gain trust and receive appreciation. It can be a win-win situation in which you both enrich your life and experience and you’ll see-nothing compares with this heart-warming feeling!

Compassion is the mechanism that makes the world go round, and it’s about your will to make a difference. You can start with a good deed a day and you’ll see that you do not even need a guide to learn how to be more compassionate – it’s in you and it has always been there.