Ah, you’d like to know more what am I about, don’t you? Well, let me open up my heart for you and answer the questions my contact from tends to send me most often.

Why did you choose to be a journalist?

I must confess journalism wasn’t on my radar until it was time to choose a college to apply to. And since writing has always been a pleasure for me plus I can’t stop trying to get to know at least something about everything, I gathered that’s my path. And I never regretted.

Where blogging came from?

Several years ago I found myself going through an intensely emotional time. To offer some context, I was dealing with family issues overlayed with my freshman year in the university and consequently moving miles away from home. I had no shoulder to vent my concerns except for a pen and paper. And a hope that someone somewhere might be experiencing the exact same thing so we could help each other. What came out of all that – you tell me!

On the About page you say you’re going to be a blogging star. What’s your plan?

Work, work, and work. Actually, I’m just going to do what I like to do, develop my skills and build up my character and, most importantly, stay sincere with my readers. They will surely let me know if I’m, heading in the wrong direction.